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Cloud Channel Strategy

Key to any firm's overall strategy for the marketing of its business solutions are the decisions it makes around who are its target customers, how it will take its products to market, and what partnerships are necessary to customize, sell, integrate and support its solutions.

As the IT and telecommunication industries evolve to a service model, most channel programs need to be redesigned to include new types of partnerships. These new relationship frameworks redefine the roles and responsibilities of each player in the ecosystem and the business relationships between them.

Edge Strategies uses well-structured research methodologies and partnership frameworks to help our clients build and optimize their Go-to-Market Strategies across the full ecosystem of traditional and emerging partner business types including:

  • Server, Storage and Networking Vendors
  • Traditional and SaaS ISVs
  • Telecommunication and Hosting Service Providers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Marketing and Online Agencies VARs
  • Telecom Agents
  • Cloud Systems Integrators

Evolving partnering models increasingly focus on co-operative relationships including co-development, joint branding and marking and co-selling. Edge Strategies works with leading Hardware, Software Vendors and Service Providers to create innovative strategies to build their cloud platforms and bring cloud services to market. 

Typical engagements include:

  • Identifying Market Entry Requirements for new products and services
  • Developing value propositions for target customer segments and partners
  • Defining Routes-to-Market Models and the success requirements for each route/market
  • Defining appropriate engagement and compensation structures
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Program Evaluation
  • Channel Capabilities and Market Coverage

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"Converging technologies require market leaders build collaborative solutions"