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Business Intelligence Practice


You have more data about your business than ever, but it takes context to turn it into actionable insight. Edge Strategies Business Intelligence practice focuses on taking adding value to your internal metrics by enriching it with sophisticated third party data resources and targeted primary research. The results are presented in intuitive, interactive dashboards enabling you to understand and respond to an ever-evolving competitive landscape.

 Depending on business need, the information can be updated daily, hourly, or real time. Custom views can be created reflecting the functional requirements of teams within your organization, your sales channels or your customer base.

 Edge Strategies BI Practice provides:

  •  Intuitive, secure, cloud-hosted dashboards accessible to authorized viewers on any device
  • Deep, multidimensional insight into the current state, long and short-term trends affecting key performance indicators for your business
  • Integration of external data sources from primary research and third party data providers, enabling a rich context for interpretation and analysis
  • Intuitive dashboards, customizable for the needs of different audiences, including in-house and channel sales, finance, marketing and product development, and supply chain partner

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